For true heroes, space isn’t an issue!

When things start to get tight, some would-be heroes reach their limits. But not our incremental encoders with large hollow shafts – the true heroes for the job!

Our encoders many so-called solutions are pushed to their limits. But not our incremental encoders with large hollow shafts! These heroes thrive on the challenge and impressively prove their value as an extremely compact, high-quality and durable encoder solution, especially in extreme ambient conditions. Check out our new catalog for information on all of our models and options for the heavy duty industry

Reliably mastering compact installation conditions

The modernization and revamping of crane systems or systems in steel works, rolling mills or mining pose major challenges. The main problems that need to be tackled in such challenges are encoder mounting points with a severe lack of space, no free shaft end or large shaft eccentricities. To ensure the performance of systems on a long-term basis and guarantee the required signal quality at all times, the mechanically optimal mounting of new encoders is absolutely essential.

Choosing the perfect mounting strategy

When the flange or foot mounting of solid shaft encoders using coupling is not an option, our hollow shaft encoders offer perfect solutions: either space-saving attachment directly to the application shaft or fixed mounting on the application shaft using a suitable adapter shaft. These solutions prevent excessive loads on the ball bearings of the encoder and disturbances to the output signals, thus ensuring long-term, interference-free system operation with no expensive downtime.

The perfect overview in our new catalog

Our new catalog for incremental encoders with large hollow shafts provides an excellent overview of all models for speed measurement and monitoring in extreme environmental conditions. Find out more about our encoder system solutions for hollow shaft diameters of up to approx. 1500 mm with multiple identical or different output signals. What’s more, handy QR codes enable you to access the right form for your product inquiry directly from the catalog.

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