What our interns say about Hübner Giessen

Lisa Schulz


Age: 23 years
Studies: Languages & Business
Duration of internship: 6 weeks


An intern's tale:

From February to March 2020, Lisa Schulz (23) successfully completed an internship at Huebner in the course of her studies. During this time she was given the chance to get an insight into three of our different departments: Purchase, Sales and Marketing.

Why did you choose Hübner Giessen for your internship?

While doing my studies I directly knew that I definitely wanted to get practical experience in the job world since university in general is based on theory. My studies (Languages & Business) are strongly connected to an international environment that is why I wanted to do my internship in a company that operates worldwide. Hübner Giessen with its international network was the perfect contact for that! In addition to that, the company offers a great location directly next to the university and by employing around 100 workers also a reasonable company size.

What did you like most during your time with us?

Especially the open-minded and friendly atmosphere stood up in a positive way. Even though I only had two weeks in every department I was always included in meetings and different work processes. Thereby, I was able to imply the theoretical knowledge from university and combine it with practical experience. Furthermore, it was great that I got to experience the processes in three departments rather than only one.

Which kind of tasks were you able to undertake?

Luckily Hübner Giessen is not one of those employers that uses interns for making coffee and copying documents. I got a great insight into the work and tasks that were done in every department. In the purchase department I got to know the merchandise management system which I then also used in the sales area. There I was able to learn how to write and send an offer to worldwide customers. In the marketing department, my tasks consisted of creating a social media plan as well as smaller creative jobs like writing an editorial for the latest newsletter.