What our interns say about Hübner Giessen

Paula Sophie Schmitt

Age: 14 years
School year: 9
Duration of internship: 2 weeks
Period: 02.-12.05.2023

I spent the last two weeks of my student internship in the marketing department and at the reception. During these two weeks I got a very good insight into working life and met many nice employees. I can only recommend an internship at Hübner Giessen because you are shown a lot by very motivated employees and you are also allowed to work on a lot yourself.

On my first day, I was given a tour of the company and got to know Hübner Giessen very well. In the first week I was in the marketing department. There I got to know a lot about the daily work of the employees and did research tasks. I informed myself about advantageous photo databases where the company Hübner Giessen can deposit and find photos. Using a modern camera, I photographed a CD and a USB stick. Since the CDs with the product instructions are now to be modernized on USB sticks. At the end of the week I presented in a small meeting what I had worked out in marketing.

The second week I spent at the reception. There, the various tasks were first explained to me. Then, after watching a bit, I was allowed to sort the mail myself. I learned which letters were allowed to be opened and which were not. Then, with a little help, I distributed the mail in the various departments. With support, I was allowed to open the e-mails, then read them and either forward, delete or move them. Working at the reception desk is very varied, as it is the company’s point of contact.

Jorge Andreeßen

Age: 17 years
Duration of internship: 6 months
Period: 01.02.-31.07.2023

Clueless. – That was me after I left school. I got the chance to work at Hübner Giessen as a temporary employee until I could start an apprenticeship. On my first days at work, I received a very friendly welcome and got my first insights into the company. I also got to know my various tasks. After a short time, I got along very well with all my colleagues and felt very comfortable in my new environment.

Work processes are shown to me in detail and should I ever make a mistake, I am patiently explained how I can do it better. In general, I never feel under pressure and know that I always have people who are happy to help me. That’s why it quickly became clear to me that Hübner Giessen was the right place for me to start an apprenticeship. Because of this, after a discussion with the management, I was allowed to leave my workplace for two days and do an “internship” in the development department. I liked it there so much that I was very interested in doing an apprenticeship in this department. After just a few days, I received my training contract.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been opened up to me and the experience that I have been able to gain so far at Hübner Giessen. I can already hardly wait for my training as an IT specialist to begin. At the same time, I’m also enjoying the time I’ll have as a temporary employee until then.

Moritz Becker

Age: 16 years
School year: 10
Duration of internship: 2 weeks
Period: 21.02. – 04.03.2022

Ever since my early years of primary school, I have always had a strong interest in electronics, mechanics and information technology. When it was time for me to do work experience for a fortnight, I therefore instantly knew that I wanted to try out an occupation in these fields. I applied for a work experience position at Johannes Hübner Giessen and was delighted to quickly receive a positive response. The entire application procedure was uncomplicated, and even in the run-up to my work experience, I was assigned a contact to get in touch with if I had any questions. After further discussion, I decided to do my work experience in the IT department at Johannes Hübner Giessen, which turned out to be the perfect decision.

In a nutshell, I can confirm that my work experience at the company was a lot of fun. All the staff were very nice to me, and although I was only there for two weeks, I was fully integrated into the team and felt like people took me seriously. I was never bored during my time at the company and was set new tasks and challenges to overcome every day.

The staff showed me how to program a Raspberry Pi in the IT department. I connected my Raspberry to a matrix display and programmed it so that it always shows the current time and additionally displays the date every ten minutes. It is fitted with loudspeakers, so it can also play the radio or make funny noises. Given that I am not a fully-fledged computer scientist, of course, I required expert support in all of my tasks. However, my supervisors always found time to help me and shared in my delight when my programming worked. I never felt like I was annoying them or even disturbing them. In fact, I could ask questions and receive answers at any time.

Hübner Giessen ensured that my work experience covered a wide variety of areas, for example by allowing me to produce the housing for my Raspberry myself. I did so by using a CAD program (TinkerCAD) to model the individual parts of the housing before sending them to Mr Özcan to be printed using a 3D printer. After completing my work experience, I was allowed to take my self-built and programmed Raspberry home with me so I could proudly show off my creation to my parents.

As expected, my work experience also involved helping with the day-to-day tasks completed by an IT department, for example hooking up monitors, connecting patch cables and installing switches.

I would particularly like to underline the pleasant working atmosphere at Johannes Hübner Giessen. We laughed a lot, and all of the staff were very nice to me. It was a wonderful experience, and I would like to thank everyone I had the chance to meet and who looked after me during my time at the company.

Thank you to the friendly staff in the IT department and at the company Johannes Hübner Giessen.

Moritz Becker

Sophie Schnaubelt

Age: 15 years
School year: 10
Duration of internship: 2 weeks
Period: 27.09. – 08.10.2021

In the last two weeks I have completed a student work experience program in the Marketing department at Hübner Giessen. I was able to gain an in-depth insight into this field of work and to see if I can really imagine working in this occupation later on. I was shown and explained a great deal; I was able to work a lot without supervision, which enabled me to get a feel for the broad range of tasks and, in doing so, discover a totally new side of myself.

My tasks included creative challenges that entailed a lot of research work. In doing so I spent a lot of time getting to know Hübner Giessen’s social media channels. I was able to offer my opinions and contribute ideas of my own as well as publish articles I wrote. I was also able gain a huge insight into other means of advertising such as newsletters, flyers, product catalogs as well as the website – and I was able to offer my own contributions.
During my time at Hübner Giessen, I was able to learn a lot in addition to the field of marketing and a great deal was explained about the company itself and its products. The friendly and helpful staff ensured I was able to feel at ease and in good hands from the outset. I would like to offer my thanks for an enjoyable time and the wealth of experience I have gained.

Carla Pfannmüller

Age: 18 years
School year: 12
Duration of internship: 2 weeks
Period: 19.-30.07.2021

Making coffee, filing documents, sitting next to a desk and staring at a screen displaying a program that you know next to nothing about. A typical day in the life of a student on work experience.

My name is Carla Pfannmüller. During the first two weeks of the summer holidays I completed a two-week work experience placement at Johannes Hübner Giessen. I am presently in the process of finding out what I want to do once I’ve finished my final exams. And voluntary work experience should help me make that decision.

To be honest, I didn’t experience the typical day described above. No two days were the same. I always felt welcome. I was offered a broad work experience program that gave me insights into the workings of the head office and the marketing, production, contract management as well as purchasing and sales departments. Thanks to these insights I now know what to expect from a business administration apprenticeship, which is why I can only advise anyone unsure about which career path to follow to participate in a work experience scheme.

My time at Hübner Giessen flew by extremely quickly, which is a very good sign in my opinion. I had no time to get bored, because I was always being shown something new or I was given exciting tasks that I was able to do by myself. I am very grateful to the many people who gave me tips and words of wisdom from their own experience. The working atmosphere at Hübner Giessen is very friendly, which ensured I always felt at ease. At times I stared at the screen of a merchandise management system not really knowing what was happening; however, I was always able to ask questions that were answered fully.

I can only say that my work experience was super. I’ve enjoyed myself and learned a lot. The people involved with my work experience were very patient and enabled me to have a great time, for which I am very grateful.

Many thanks!

Carla Pfannmüller

Lisa Schulz

Age: 23 years
Studies: Languages & Business
Duration of internship: 6 weeks Period: February – March 2020

From February to March 2020, Lisa Schulz (23) successfully completed an internship at Hübner in the course of her studies. During this time she was given the chance to get an insight into three of our different departments: Purchase, Sales and Marketing.

Why did you choose Hübner Giessen for your internship?

While doing my studies I directly knew that I definitely wanted to get practical experience in the job world since university in general is based on theory. My studies (Languages & Business) are strongly connected to an international environment that is why I wanted to do my internship in a company that operates worldwide. Hübner Giessen with its international network was the perfect contact for that! In addition to that, the company offers a great location directly next to the university and by employing around 100 workers also a reasonable company size.

What did you like most during your time with us?

Especially the open-minded and friendly atmosphere stood up in a positive way. Even though I only had two weeks in every department I was always included in meetings and different work processes. Thereby, I was able to imply the theoretical knowledge from university and combine it with practical experience. Furthermore, it was great that I got to experience the processes in three departments rather than only one.

Which kind of tasks were you able to undertake?

Luckily Hübner Giessen is not one of those employers that uses interns for making coffee and copying documents. I got a great insight into the work and tasks that were done in every department. In the purchase department I got to know the merchandise management system which I then also used in the sales area. There I was able to learn how to write and send an offer to worldwide customers. In the marketing department, my tasks consisted of creating a social media plan as well as smaller creative jobs like writing an editorial for the latest newsletter.

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