Our bodyguard against salt and sun

Salt, sun and humid air are an aggressive mixture. Our new CP-SE cable protection system provides encoder supply cables and signal lines with reliable and lasting protection against these environmental influences. It is specially designed for use in extremely saliferous or humid air or atmosphere with high UV or ozone levels.

Robust thanks to stainless steel

CP-SE is one of the products in our range of CP cable protection systems for heavy-duty applications. Its blue sheath covers a system made of high-quality V4A stainless steel throughout, from the hose through to all cable glands. CP-SE is therefore even able to handle particularly harsh weather conditions and extremely high UV and ozone levels. What’s more, the cable protection hose is also extremely robust and shockproof, as well as corrosion, oil and chemical resistant.

The expert for offshore and coastal applications

The excellent resilience of CP-SE is particularly necessary in the case of offshore and coastal applications, for example for monitoring the trolleys and hoists of cranes. Like all CP systems, the CP-SE cable protection hose is available in customized lengths of up to 30 meters and with a design that suits the heavy-duty encoders with which it is used. You can find out more about our cable protection system and the different options available on our news page about all variants of our cable systems or directly on our product page about the cable protection systems.

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