Our new bodyguards for cables and lines

When used in heavy-duty applications, cables and lines have to withstand many influential factors. This is why we help to ensure that nothing happens to them. Our new made-to-measure CP cable protection systems protect encoder supply cables and signal lines against extreme temperatures and environmental influences, high mechanical impact loads and aggressive fluids.

Perfect protection for a longer lifetime

The ambient conditions in the heavy-duty industry not only pose a significant challenge for encoders. Supply cables and signal lines also need to be protected against extreme heat, cold and moisture; ultraviolet and ozone radiation; mechanical loads and aggressive acids, alkali, oils or saltwater. To secure the interference-free operation of encoders on a long-term basis, cables and lines need to be perfectly adapted to handle the environmental influences involved in their application.

The expert for every sector

Our new CP cable protection systems are optimally tailored to meet the demands involved in different areas of application. The CP-HT system is ideal for use in steel and hot rolling mills and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,640°C for short periods. The CP-ML cable protection system is our ultimate recommendation when robustness, shock resistance and flexibility are essential, for example in rolling mills and mining. With its V4A stainless steel sheath, the CP-AF protection system is perfectly equipped for use in aggressive fluids, for example in offshore activities or for steel refining.
Last but not least, the UV, ozone and weather-resistant CP-SA is an excellent all-rounder for standard applications in fields such as crane technology or mining.

Suitable and individual

All CP systems are made to measure with a hose up to 30 meters long and a design that suits the heavy-duty encoders with which they are used. What’s more, the integrated cable strain relief and the option of a shield connection ensure interference-free system operation. The sealing insert allows the use of cables with a diameter of 6 – 13 mm.

Individual encoder system solutions

The new CP cable protection systems are compatible with all heavy-duty encoder systems from Johannes Hübner Giessen. Together with the corresponding mounting accessories such as couplings, intermediate flanges, adapter shafts and torque brackets, they expand the possibilities available for achieving encoder system solutions that are perfectly tailored to suit the application in question.

You can also find out more about the system in our “Cable Protection Systems” catalog.
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