The supplementary interface PROFIBUS-DP (without SIL / PL)

Less is sometimes more. There is a great deal of truth in this idiom. No matter if you interpret it in the sense of “keep it simple” or you are of the opinion that the simplest is not always the best option but the best option is always simple.

We can only agree with that. The reason is because we at Hübner Giessen also always work towards making good solutions simpler. And once again we have come up with the goods in the form of the supplementary interface PROFIBUS-DP (without SIL / PL) for the universal encoder system U-ONE-(SAFETY)-Compact.

The release of the supplementary PROFIBUS interface for the series UOC 40 and USC 42 (SIL 2 / PL d) means that with immediate effect we are now able to offer an integrated solution to all of our customers who wish to incorporate the new U-ONE-(SAFETY)-Compact in their automation concept via a standard Profibus interface. This is an ideal and simple solution for all those wishing to continue using standard controls and are not looking to install safety controls. Nevertheless, utilizing the safety-certified relay outputs of the USC 42 it is still possible to implement necessary safety functions to monitor movement and position for the respective application – no matter what control system is installed.

The new PROFIBUS interface is based on the same hardware as our Profibus encoder AMP(H) 40 as well as the U-ONE-Profibus module UO-EM-AMP. As a consequence, the technical data of the PROFIBUS interface are identical, so replacing the old with the new system solution 1:1 presents no problem. The electrical connection is made via a terminal strip in the terminal box.

Technical data – PROFIBUS-DP interface:

Data interface:RS 485, isolated from encoder electronics
Baud rate:9.6 kbit/s – 12 Mbit/s
Device address:1…99; adjustable
Resolution:12 bit single turn (4096 steps per revolution)
 12 bit multiturn (4096 revolutions)

If you would also like to benefit from the new level of simplicity, then talk to us. Because when it comes to service we definitely do not think less is more. On the contrary: we would be pleased to offer you detailed advice in person.

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