Generators and motors

Our generators and motors are specifically designed for customer-specific energy and drive solutions for deployment in harsh environmental operating conditions.

Case Study: Autonomous power supply – lifting beam

Special sensors are installed to monitor the pig iron ladles are properly seated on the laminated hooks; the sensors and a radio transmitter are supplied with 12 V DC. Power is supplied via a 12 V battery, which is also located on the traversing gear. A solution that recharges the battery during operations is sought to avoid the failures and downtimes resulting from the necessity to date of having to change the battery. Read more in our Case Study “Autonomous power supply – lifting beam”.

New generators catalog

Our new generators catalog illustrates the variety of models and diversity of applications for which our three-phase synchronous generators are designed to supply and feed-in electrical energy.
Permanent magnet generators from Hübner Giessen have been specifically developed for applications seeking to convert rotary motion to electrical energy across a wide range with as little loss as possible.

Case Study: Casting ladles – transport vehicle

Infinitely variable DC motors are required to drive a heavy-load transport vehicle used to transport a casting ladle weighing 100 tons. The motors are powered by a 48 V battery and designed to connect to a gearbox to provide a travelling speed of 10 m/min. They must be able to provide full torque across the entire speed range whilst also being able to cope with a short-term, 3-fold overload. Learn more in our Case Study “Casting ladles – transport vehicle”.

New motors catalog

Our new motors catalog offers you an overview of the range of direct current and synchronous servo motors available from Hübner Giessen.
Thanks to their rugged construction with protection class up to IP68 and high levels of reliability, our motors fulfil the most stringent of customer demands.

Application examples

Our motors and generators are deployed in the most diverse fields of applications imaginable. So at this point we would like to offer you a brief overview:

  • Water power: Modernization projects were carried out at the hydroelectric power plants at the Datteroder Mill and the Rappensee Alpine Hut to increase the efficiency of the complete plants.
  • Wind energy: The small wind turbine WESpe generates power with a synchronous generator from Hübner Giessen.
  • Electro mobility: A traction machine was developed and installed to hybridize a VW Beetle as part of a university project.
  • Autonomous power supply: Hübner Giessen supplies three-phase synchronous generators to provide an autonomous power supply for off-grid mobile phone transmitters.

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