FG(H) 40: Robust incremental encoder designed for heavy industry

For rolling mills, mining industry and crane systems: Johannes Huebner Giessen developed the incremental encoder FG(H) 40 to meet the needs of heavy industry. It has been designed for use under extreme conditions.

The robust aluminium housing of the FG 40 (solid shaft) and the FGH 40 (hollow shaft version) exhibits very high resistance to vibration and shock loads. Thanks to the axial shaft seal the device not only achieves IP65 and IP66 but also IP67, the highest degree of protection. Furthermore, thanks to high-quality scanning electronics the FG(H) 40 offers signal quality of the highest standard. Track A to track B phase displacement is 87° to 93°, the pulse duty factor ± 3 %.

The high maximum transmission frequency of 200 kHz is a further advantage. High-quality electronics ensure up to one million pulses per rotation.

A large-sized terminal box (ca. 5 x 10 cm) means terminating the FG(H) 40 is extremely easy and tension clamp terminals with integrated automatic adjustment guarantee connection reliability. The FG(H) 40 is designed for temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius as standard, and can be optionally equipped for a large number of special temperature ranges between -40 and 100 degrees Celsius; generally speaking, it is possible to provide special versions to satisfy customer-specific requirements. Its saltwater-proof quality also allows the use in salty atmosphere such as in the marine and port technology.

The incremental encoder FG 40 / FGH 40 has been further developed from the FG 4 / FGH 4 series. That means it is both compatible and easily exchanged with modules from that series.

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