Bearing-free magnetic encoder systems

The MAG system of Johannes Huebner Giessen offers totally new freedom to design customized encoder solutions, even for installation situations in which it is not possible to use standard encoders. Ideal for upgrade and green field projects.

The specialist for robust encoder and drive technologies Johannes Huebner Giessen now offers its bearing-free magnetic encoder series MAG as a modular system. The flexible mechanical design makes it possible to individually adapt the bearing-free encoder system to the installation situation on-site at customer applications.

Find out more about the magnetic bearing-free encoders on the MAG product pages.

Koepe friction winder: Improving accuracy of speed control

The task required improving the accuracy of the speed control of the Koepe friction winder. The resolution of the existing inductive gear wheel scanning solution no longer meets requirements, so that a new sensor system is needed. Particularly challenging aspects include the required dimensions of the split pulse wheel (1300 mm diameter) as well as the drive pulley running out of true by several millimetres, which is something the measuring system must compensate.

Inform yourself about our Case Study “Koepe friction winder”.

Rolling mills: Regulation of the speed of the metal strip

The actual feedback value indicating the speed of the metal strip is required to effectively regulate the roll stand drives. It is possible to measure this value using suitable sensors located at the drive measuring roller between the stands. Shock and vibration loads as well as aggressive cooling emulsions mean the devices need to withstand extreme environmental conditions. In addition, restricted installation space made it necessary to adapt the sensor system.

Read more in our Case Study “Measuring roll in the roll stand”.

Speed regulation at tandem drives

Only the rear motor of tandem drives has a free shaft end available to which it is possible to attach an encoder. However, a speed signal is required from the front motor for synchronising purposes in tandem operations or as motor feedback data in single-motor operations (decoupled mode of operation).

Find out more in our Case Study “Tandem motors”.

New MAG catalog

The new MAG catalog offers customers and interested parties all the information they need about encoder solutions from Johannes Hübner Giessen – at a glance. In addition to technical specifications and functions, possible fields of applications and additional options are presented.

Would you like a suitable quote for a MAG system solution for your project? Simply fill out and send the ‘inquiry form‘ together with a photo of the intended place of installation (if possible) to

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