Case study: Modernising RTGs and improving precision

Rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) are top performers in every container terminal. These steel giants are required to handle containers extremely precisely, even when moving them at high speed. Modernising the position switches of the hoist and drum helps to ensure that RTGs remain fully up to this task, however old they may be. The new Hübner Giessen case study also reveals the other advantages available to terminal operators when they opt for such a retrofitting solution.

Time for new solutions at the PSA Exolgan Terminal

The PSA Exolgan Terminal in Buenos Aires is the most important container terminal in Argentina, offering storage space for an impressive 60,000 standard 20-foot containers. When it comes to handling these containers, the terminal uses SISU RTGs, which were fitted with additional mechanical position switches on the drum side for position monitoring. Unfortunately, however, these switches not only caused problems in terms of accuracy but also led to issues such as long setup times when changing ropes.

Fit for the future with a solution from Hübner Giessen

With the aim of equipping their RTGs with a modern setup for long-term further operation, improving the precision of their position monitoring, integrating new functions and making maintenance work easier, the operators of the PSA Exolgan Terminal decided to replace the old mechanical position switches. You can read more about how Hübner Giessen provided the ideal solution without complex and time-consuming installation in the case study “Hoist/Drum: the U-ONE provides improved positioning accuracy and easier maintenance for RTGs”.

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