Apprentices at Hübner Giessen: The common path continues

There have been three reasons to celebrate at Hübner Giessen since the start of the year: three trainees have passed their final exams and successfully completed their apprenticeship. And all three are continuing their careers at the company – because the tasks are interesting, the prospects are excellent and the colleagues are simply great.

We would like to introduce the proud graduates one by one.

We start with Julian Mohr, who has successfully passed his examination to become an electronics technician for machines and drive technology. Hübner Giessen congratulates him warmly and is delighted that he is now strengthening our team as a qualified specialist.

The 21-year-old is already looking to the future with determination: he would also like to start his part-time technician course next summer. We will be happy to support him in this.


We train the specialists of the future in the following areas, among others.

Commercial trades:

  • Industrial clerks
  • IT administrators


Technical trades:

  • Milling machine operators
  • Electronics engineers for devices and systems
  • Electronics engineers for mechanical and systems engineering


IT trades:

  • IT specialists – system integration
  • IT specialists – application development


We place a great deal of value on our apprentices being able to understand the whole company, our processes and our products. That is why they work in all of our department during their apprenticeship.

To learn more about apprenticeships at Hübner Giessen visit our Apprenticeship & Studies page. There you can also read how Julian Mohr experienced his time as an apprentice.

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