Case Study: Efficiently Modernizing Main Drives in a Rolling Mill

Modernizing a plant often requires small changes to be made to various aspects of the system, for example the conversion of the control system in a rolling mill. In this recent project, Hübner Giessen ensured that the signals of the main drive could be optimally read after the modernization. We are now proud to present our solution in a new case study.

Replacing obsolete components

The requested solution was required to completely replace the previous sensor systems on the main drive motor. The aim was to achieve a mechanically simple and compact yet high-precision and safe encoder solution. Signal transmission via fiber optic cable was also requested.

One for all

In this case, the most efficient modernization solution was the basic unit of the U-ONE universal encoder system, which can be mounted directly on the application shaft to measure speeds and positions. You can read more about the mounting solution and the transmitted signals in the case study: modernization with the U-ONE universal encoder system.

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