Case study: Precise position measurement in a complex mounting situation

With problems such as limited space, no free shaft end or an extra-large shaft diameter, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to fit an encoder in a system. Our new case study explains the solution that we found for mounting a position sensor on strip shears.

Precise cuts with strip shears

Strip shears are used in rolling mills to cut rolling bands at normal rolling speed. To ensure product quality during this procedure, the shears need to be controlled and regulated with maximum precision, which in turn requires a precise, reliable position sensor as an absolute must. Against this background and due to the highly complex mounting situation for the sensor in its system, a customer asked Hübner Giessen for advice.

A complete solution according to plan

The engineers at Hübner Giessen came up with a complete solution based on a plan of the system and using our MAGA 400 magnetic absolute encoder. You can read about why this extremely robust encoder is ideal for difficult mounting conditions in our case study, “Rolling mills / strip shears: reliable position measurement on strip shears”.

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