Case Study: Making looper rolls run smoothly again

Increased material defects and rejected products in a hot rolling mill caused by non-rotating looper rolls – this problem led a customer to turn to Hübner Giessen for help. In our new Case Study, we present our complete tailor-made solution for the rolling mill.

Reducing costs with encoders

In hot rolling mills, looper rolls play a decisive role when it comes to product quality. They regulate the tension of the metal strips and offset flow behavior interferences. Only when the looper rolls rotate reliably can high-quality rolled products with consistent material thicknesses be produced. Our customer was therefore looking for a reliable solution for monitoring its looper rolls in order to avoid future quality problems and lower the costs incurred due to rejected products.

A complete solution with on-site installation

When they examined the looper roll, the Hübner technicians identified several challenges. They then developed a made-to-measure complete encoder solution suitable for the tight space available and the media used. Finally, they installed the encoder, an adapter shaft and new housing for the basket roll on site.

For precise information on the Hübner Giessen products used in this customer-specific solution, take a look at our Case Study: “Rotation monitoring of a looper roll”.

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