We are laying the groundwork for industry 4.0

Faster. Better. Informed.

Perfectly harmonized networks and the universal availability of data are what matter most for industry 4.0. As of right now, that is what we guarantee for many of our products via a QR code next to the name plate. The QR code links you directly to all of the important product information – simply by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

Taking huge steps to heavy-duty encoders 4.0

The QR code is the link between the device, for example an encoder, and our new information platform ‘Service Point’. This enables us to create direct access to the relevant project data and information – and we are one step ahead of the official standards. That is because top-level specialist committees are still working on the definition and structure of a so-called administration shell, with which it is intended in future to make available the data and information of industry 4.0 components across the complete product life cycle.

A simple scan and you are fully informed

It is already possible to access our new information platform ‘Service Point’ via the QR code on Johannes Hübner products 4.0. To do so, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet. On the ‘Service Point’ platform it is possible to request the device serial number and article code as well as other information. For instance, via the menu item ‘Downloads’ it is possible to access device-specific technical documentation including operating and installation instructions, dimension drawings and connection diagrams, configuration instructions and configuration software, a Declaration of incorporation and a Declaration of conformity as well as catalog and request forms. You can choose to download or send this information via email at the press of a button to view it on a different device.

Simple and straightforward: Service and contact 4.0

The contact details of the respective contact partner at Johannes Hübner Giessen or the representative responsible for your country are available via a further ‘Service Point’ menu item. In addition, you can generate an email to our central service department in Gießen, Germany. The subject line, device serial number, article code and region are inserted automatically, so all you need to do is enter a brief description of the matter at hand.

In offering immediate access to the most important product information as well as additional contact and service options we have taken a huge step along the path towards heavy-duty encoders 4.0. There will be more.

Any questions? Please contact us.

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