Reduces costs – increases accuracy – offers modular adaptability

Modular universal encoder system UOC 40 / USC 42.

Sometimes, efficiency is a matter of settings. And we mean that quite literally. Because adjusting settings in plant costs money and harbours risks, so it is anything but efficient. As a consequence, we have been working on a solution to provide a more efficient answer to time-consuming work adjusting settings on mechanical switches or turning cam disks to set switching points.

Our answer to this challenge is the universal encoder system U-ONE®-Compact (UOC 40). With this solution we are simultaneously taking position and speed monitoring in heavy-duty applications to a new level of performance. The new universal encoder system not only reduces costs while significantly increasing switching accuracy, it also offers a wide range of useful additional functions. For applications requiring functional safety up to SIL 2 to DIN EN 61508 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849 Hübner Giessen optionally offers the safety-certified version: the U-ONE®-SAFETY-Compact (USC 42) featuring two-channel system architecture (category 3).

All of the functions of the UOC 40, such as up to 15 programmable relay outputs and real-time position and speed data, are combined in a single compact device that is able to be attached directly to the rotary axis to be monitored (for example, a rope drum on a crane). Thanks to the compact combination of different electronic function modules there is now no need for the otherwise usual array of individual devices (absolute encoder, speed switch, rotary cam limit switch) or additional mechanical components such as distribution gears, couplings and speed step-up gearing. That translates to a significant reduction in investment, maintenance and installation costs while at the same time allowing you to improve system accuracy and implement useful additional functions. The UOC 40 guarantees rapid availability following initial installation, maintenance work (e.g., changing ropes) or replacing devices, because, for example, the time-consuming work setting cam disks for mechanical rotary cam limit switches is now a thing of the past.

Easy parametrization

The accompanying software makes it easy to configure parameters (optionally before or after installation) as well as accept data defining position switching points directly from the application. Thanks to the ability to save parameters it is easily possible to import data, for example when replacing devices. Following installation or repairs to plant it is possible to quickly and simply harmonize the internal coordinate system of the UOC 40 with the application via the preset input.

High switching accuracy

The UOC 40 offers a high level of switching accuracy thanks to 28 bit resolution, an adjustable switching hysteresis as well as configurable relay outputs for position, speed or deployment as a fault switch. Optional real-time data for position and speed monitoring are available via an analog 4-20 mA output, an incremental output or a bus interface, e.g., PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

The internal diagnostics system of the UOC 40 permanently monitors the entire system for possible illegal deviations in the status and actively signals this via the digital status and error output for further evaluation by a connected PLC. Alternatively, it is possible to directly integrate an emergency stop circuit via a relay output configured as a fault switch. The high level of functionality of the UOC 40 is rounded off by the operating status being indicated via LEDs as well as a status and error output, a simple error reset via the reset input and low inspection requirements thanks to an integrated switch test function.

Below we offer an overview of further advantages of the U-ONE-Compact:

  • Extremely economic thanks to low overall operating costs (TCO Total Cost of Ownership)
    • Attractive purchase price
    • Simple to install
    • Time-saving start-up
    • Low standstill costs during maintenance tasks
    • Long service life
  • High levels of availability in extreme operating conditions
    • Robust housing
    • Degree of protection IP66
    • High shock and vibration resistance

Contact us. We would welcome an opportunity to explain the merits of our U-ONE®-Compact to you in detail.

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