Great performance! Tachometer generators receive UL safety label

The bigger the task the more difficult the audit! We are more than proud to announce that all our DC tachometer generators of the series TDP 0.7 received the UL certification for industry products in North America. In the future, they are now allowed to wear the worldwide recognized safety and quality label.

Safety comes first

After having been through tough tests, the time had finally come by the beginning of January: Our TDP 0.7 tachometer generators received the certification according to the security guidelines of the United States standard UL 508 and the Canadian National standard CSA-C22.2 No.14 (File: E351535). Thanks to this accomplishment, the proven and robust tachometer generators are now internationally applicable without any problems. The strict American and Canadian security guidelines are seen worldwide as standards for the highest product quality and safety.

Proven analog speed sensors

Our tacho generators of the type TDP 0.7 show their strengths with DC drives from 100 kW to 20 MW with small speeds. Typical applications can be found in rolling mills, the mining industry as well as the marine technology. Their mission is to transform the speed with which they are driven into a voltage that is proportional to their speed. They are performing confidently with a high signal quality and very low harmonic content, linearity errors and low temperature drifts.

First choice from the substitute’s bench

The TDP 0.7 series is a first-class 1:1 substitute for old or damaged generators. Our tachometer generators are used when generators of different producers are no longer available or simply stopped working. For a smooth operation, we make sure to individually customize every mechanical interface as well as the signal output for every application. For the two construction types flange and foot are specific inch dimensions available. Easy, efficient and cost-effective – that is how this solution ensures reliable plant operation without expensive modifications or new purchases.

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