At the heart of the action right from the word go: our new trainees get off to a good start

In August 2021, two new industrial management assistant trainees joined the team at Johannes Huebner Giessen. Tamara Schweiger and Olga Magel have already settled into their new roles well and were able to work independently right from the start.

A journey through all departments

Throughout their three years of training at the company, the two entry-level professionals will get to know all of Hübner’s departments, from Production through to Management. Tamara Schweiger has started out in the Sales department and will then join the Order Management team. Olga Magel’s first port of call was the Purchasing department. After a taster week in the Warehouse department, she will switch to Sales. During their time at the company, the trainees will also make the most of the extensive support provided by additional training focusing on Huebner Giessen’s products, areas of application and fields of work. Tamara Schweiger and Olga Magel both agree that: “These are extremely useful in helping us to get to know the products and connections even quicker”.

A start full of trust and responsibility

Both trainees were surprised and delighted at the high degree of confidence shown in them by their trainers and colleagues right from the start: “We were given some explanations and then able to work relatively independently straight away.” For Tamara Schweiger in the Sales department, this work includes producing offers and even sending them to customers after they have been checked by experienced colleagues. During her work in the Purchasing department, Olga Magel is already ordering goods independently and sending reminders as needed.

Successfully settled into the office environment

At the start, the normal eight-hour-long working day at Hübner was an unfamiliar experience for both budding industrial management assistants: Tamara Schweiger joined the company directly from school, and Olga Magel is used to more irregular working hours from her previous role in the catering industry. Nevertheless, both trainees have quickly settled in at the company and are particularly pleased about the fixed working hours, which are perfectly coordinated with the teaching hours of the vocational training college.

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