A magic formula for innovations?

Innovation has always been a part of our DNA. We work hard every day to be able to come up with ideas and offer our customers solutions that benefit them and their applications. And we are successful with our efforts. Worldwide. The latest example of in-house Hübner innovation is our patent taken out for the electronic position switch ERC 40 and the modular universal encoder systems UOC 40 and USC 42

The patent confirms the high level of innovation of our new system solutions to monitor speed and position ranges. This innovation means it is now possible to replace cost-intensive installations consisting of distribution gears and multiple encoders with a straightforward, configurable system. In addition to the actual encoder function (sensor) this system also includes an integrated evaluation unit (logic) as well as diverse switching outputs (actuators). Depending on the task it is possible to extend the solution with one or several modular extension modules with different output signals (e.g., speed switch, position switch, bus interfaces and so on).

We have prepared a concise summary for you of the extensive range of advantages that our new system solutions offer:

  • Greater positioning and switching accuracy (compared to mechanical solutions with distribution gears)
  • Higher plant performance thanks to faster motion cycles (e.g., STS container cranes make more “moves per hour”)
  • Time-saving installation, start-up, inspection and device replacement (thanks to mounting without distribution gears, straightforward configuration, a user-friendly preset function, switch test function, parameter import function)
  • Highest level of safety in response to malfunctions (due to two-channel system architecture, internal self-monitoring, safety certification for applications up to SIL 2 / PL d)
  • Reduced variety of versions lower costs for spare parts and storage (modular extendable system of uniform hardware; variations created through parameterization)
  • Easy upgrades and replacement (without extensive intervention in the PLC hardware and programming)
  • A significant overall reduction in standstill times and operating costs

Please contact us if you require further information about this or other innovations created in-house at Hübner. We are happy to advise you on how you too can benefit from our solutions.

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