Smart solutions instead of huge investments

The new overview of tachos from Johannes Hübner Giessen.

It may seem anachronistic to place your trust in proven quality in an age when everything always has to be brand spanking new. However, it is sometimes simply better to resole a good pair of shoes than to buy a new pair. Or upgrade hardware instead of installing a completely new computer. Or just replace a broken tacho instead of investing in extensive conversion to digital technology.

That is why you can still turn to Johannes Hübner Giessen when you need tachos for use in heavy-duty applications in heavy industry. As far as you are concerned a broken tacho does not inevitably have to be accompanied by a huge investment. Rather, we are able to renew your tacho by means of a “minor” upgrade.

In addition to lower capital investment this solution offers the benefit of being able to retain the controller. What is more, we are able to replace tacho generators supplied to you by third-party manufacturers 1:1; in return, you receive proven and reliable technology that can be installed in your installation without any electronics. A rugged construction and user-friendly operation that does not require a separate power supply ensure your application continues to run as well and reliably as it always did.

You place your trust in proven technology? View our new overview of tachos or contact us. We will gladly advise you personally.

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