An overview of the highest precision and safety

The new EGS catalog from Johannes Hübner Giessen.

Johannes Hübner Giessen is your single-source supplier for smart solutions that satisfy your requirements for safety, precision and reliability. It goes without saying the same also applies to our electronic overspeed switches EGS®, which are available in a variety of series and design variations to suit different applications. To offer you a fast and detailed overview we have revised and updated our EGS catalog. It contains 12 pages full of all the relevant information about our product series EGS(HJ) 2, 40 and 41. And a new addition: the series EGS(HJ) 2. This is ideal for straightforward monitoring for overspeed or standstill in applications that require only a single switching output. In addition, we also present to you our proven and configurable EGS(HJ) 40 that boasts two or four switching outputs as well as the EGS(HJ) 41 which is designed for safety applications (SIL 2 / PL d). Why wait? Order our new EGS catalog and see for yourself the safety, precision, reliability and flexibility our overspeed switches offer. We would be pleased to send you a copy or you can simply download the EGS catalog as a PDF file.

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