A good idea, it is safe to say. Solutions that take you forward.

Doing things by halves is not what our company philosophy is about. When we approach a project, we prefer to do it right. In that way, both sides profit. On the one hand our customers, for whom we can find a sustainable solution to their problem, and on the other hand we as a company have the certainty at the end of the day that we have done a good job.

Retrofitting a SIL certified encoder and attachment solution on a test stand is a good example of this philosophy. The problem: the existing solution for monitoring speed was not safety-certified. Reason enough for the customer to ask us about a SIL compliant speed monitoring solution that guarantees operational safety.

We were able to fulfil the specifications with regard to a SIL certified speed monitoring solution with our overspeed switch EGSHJ 41. And that is not all: in conjunction with our specially designed mechanical accessory parts with safety guarantee, we were able to offer an attachment solution incorporating fault exclusion and in so doing deliver decisive and sustainable value added for the customer.

If you are looking for solutions to problems that will take you forward, talk to us. Because, we have a solution. From a single source, it is safe to say. We will gladly advise you personally.

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