Flood aid in the Ahr Valley: Hübner supports volunteer helpers from Gießen

Electricity straight from the socket and radiators that warm up the moment you turn on the thermostat are still a distant hope for many people in the Ahr Valley, even now, four months after catastrophic flooding hit the region. In October, Hübner Giessen helped to relieve the distress suffered by these residents by supporting a team of helpers from the Gießen region who came to set up electric installations in the flood-hit area.

Hübner donates power distributors

Hübner Giessen provided the volunteer helpers with power distributors to take with them to the Ahr Valley. Together with additional donated funds, these donations enabled the volunteers to install power distributors in homes particularly affected by the flooding, thus helping their residents to restore their power supply. The team also distributed eight heating appliances provided by Hübner Giessen.

Help for people without insurance

This volunteer effort supported a multitude of families with young children and a number of elderly people who have no insurance coverage for new electrical installations. To provide this support, the helpers were fully dependent on donations. With their help, people in the Ahr Valley have now been given back a few home comforts ready for the winter and are one step closer to returning to some kind of normality. We are delighted that we were able to support this effort by donating our construction site power distributors and heating appliances.

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