Hübner Giessen celebrates the official opening of the new administration building

The globally active Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH invited their staff and relatives, friends and the companies who helped build the new building to celebrate a Summer Festival together on Friday, 2 September 2016. One of the reasons for the celebrations was the completion of the new administration building, which was fully occupied by staff at the end of last year.

Several guided tours were made of the new building during the Summer Festival to allow the staff to show their families where and how they work. Enjoying wonderful weather the guests were able to make themselves comfortable in the seats provided, enjoy a drink or make the most of the menus offered by the food trucks ordered for the occasion.

Following a construction period of two years 55 members of staff were able to move into the new administration building completed at a cost of €4.5 million, where they are able to carry out their work in spacious, bright offices. “During the last 16 years Hübner has nearly doubled the number of its employees to close to 100. For that reason, the new building was needed urgently”, according to Managing Directors Oliver Rüspeler and Frank Tscherney. The building covers 3500 square meters and, in addition to 25 offices, it offers five conference rooms and six kitchen and break rooms. As well as ergonomic considerations the working atmosphere played a huge role in the selection of furnishings.

The new building will make it possible to optimize processes in the production facilities, where there is now more space available.

“Giessen is the best-possible location for us. Central and in close proximity to the Technical University”, says Mr Tscherney. The company has been cooperating for several years with the offshoot “Studium Plus”, which offers dual study programs. Furthermore, two members of staff are active lecturers at the University, a role that enables them to pass on their practical experience to the students.

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