U-ONE-SAFETY for functional safety

In addition to reliable speed switches the new generation of the successful universal encoder system U-ONE-SAFETY now also offers a safe position and error switch as well as an absolute encoder with reliable bus interfaces. With integrated dual channel architecture U-ONE-SAFETY is ideally suited for applications up to safety category 3 and Performance Level (PL) d to DIN EN ISO 13849 as well as Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 to DIN EN 61508. That opens up a new world of opportunities to easily implement motion and position dependent safety functions – and that without a safety PLC! Ideal for upgrade and green field projects.

With U-ONE-SAFETY the specialist for robust encoder and drive technologies, Johannes Huebner Giessen, offers the next generation of the successful U-ONE universal encoder system to support machine builders and system operators in their endeavours to prevent accidents occurring on machines and systems. Find out more about the new U-ONE-SAFETY in our product article.

Case Study: Large machinery in open-cast mining

Large machinery in open-cast mining such as excavators and conveyor bridges are permitted to perform their tasks only within approved design and technologically assured operating ranges. To ensure they remain within these operating ranges it is imperative to reliably monitor their position in conjunction with a reliable solution to safely limit the end position of moving system components. Read more about the application in our Case Study “Open-cast mining machinery – safely-limited position”.

Case Study: Blast furnace skip hoist

As part of an upgrade project outdated sensors are to be replaced with modern systems. Objectives include simplification of mechanical attachments, elimination of inaccuracies as well as all-round better control response. In addition, susceptibility to EMC disturbances is to be reduced and, as a consequence, the robustness and availability of the installation increased. Find out more about this application in our Case Study “Blast furnace skip hoist – outdated sensor system replaced”.

New catalog U-ONE-SAFETY

The new catalog “U-ONE-SAFETY universal encoder system – the next generation” offers customers an interesting overview of the huge selection of output signals, interfaces and construction types. Also presented is the new construction concept of the U-ONE-SAFETY-Compact that features a basic unit to which function modules are directly attached within a compact and robust casing. Featuring new functions the construction type U-ONE-SAFETY-LWL continues to build on the proven concept of a basic unit connected to function modules in a switchboard via fiber optic cable.

The modular concept of the U-ONE-SAFETY and the huge selection of output signals and interfaces ensure it is possible to create the right configuration for every application. Would you like a suitable quote for a U-ONE-SAFETY system solution for your project? Simply fill out and send the ‘Inquiry form‘ to info@huebner-giessen.com.

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