Extra protection: high-quality protection covers for split pulse wheels

A well-established solution for our magnetic encoders with a one-piece pulse wheel is now also available for our MAG/MAGA series with a split pulse wheel: high-quality protection covers made of stainless steel or carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which reliably protect the pulse wheel and thus significantly extend its lifetime.

Extra protection for extreme applications

Magnetic encoders often have a lot to handle. For speed measurement on measuring rolls in mill stands, for example, they have to deal with aggressive coolants, shocks and constant vibrations, as well as wear caused by abrasive particles such as metal chips. Our new protection cover made of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel offers secure protection against such impacts. After already proving its worth when used with our magnetic encoders with a one-piece pulse wheel for many years (case study “measuring roll”), it is now also available for our split pulse wheels, as requested by a multitude of customers. For applications with no abrasion but involving particularly challenging environmental influences, we alternatively offer a protection cover made of CFRP.

Challenge accepted

Magnetic encoders with a split pulse wheel are ideal for retrofitting and are a practical solution if there is no free shaft end available for assembly. Perfecting the protection cover also for split pulse wheels posed a significant challenge for our experts, who had to develop the manufacturing technology further to enable the high-precision production of the mechanical joints of both halves of the pulse wheel. The protection covers not only extend the lifetime of split pulse wheels but also expand their area of application for tasks involving very high speeds.

Flexible heroes for all kinds of missions

Our split pulse wheels with protection covers are available for MAG systems with an incremental output and with absolute interfaces. These bearingless encoders are our specialists for assembly situations in which standard encoders are pushed to their limits: with little space, no free shaft end or when directly assembled on shafts with large diameters. Their flexible mechanical design allows them to be individually adjusted with no problem at all, thus making them ideal for both modernization and greenfield projects.

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