Incremental encoders FG(HJ) INOX in a stainless steel housing

Our new incremental encoders FG(HJ) INOX with a housing made of V4A (1.4404) stainless steel have been specially developed for speed measurements in conditions exposed to aggressive media.

In combination with their extremely robust construction they are ideally suitable for applications exposed to extremely high levels of salt water (e.g., offshore) as well as acids and alkalis (e.g., chemical industry), where they offer a very high level of corrosion resistance.

The FG(HJ) INOX is expanding our portfolio of incremental encoders; shock and vibration resistant, it also offers IP66 rated protection against dust ingression and high pressure water jets.

They are optionally available in hollow shaft design (FGHJ INOX) with shaft diameters of 16 mm (clamping) or 17 mm (with taper) or in solid shaft design (FG INOX) with shaft diameters of 11 mm or 14 mm for flange or foot mounting. Long-living hybrid bearings isolate and support the shaft, so it is possible to fit the FG(HJ) INOX directly to drive systems where there is the possibility of shaft-current build up.

The encoders supply HTL or TTL signals up to 2048 pulses to reliably guarantee exact measurement results. The cable is connected via a terminal strip in the axial terminal box.

If required, it is also possible to supply the FG(HJ) INOX with an impervious cable protection system made of stainless steel. Furthermore, in addition to a suitable torque bracket an additional speed switch (set ex works) is also optionally available for speed monitoring tasks.

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