For particularly urgent orders: The MAG 200S bearingless magnetic encoder – now available as a standard version

In times of an increasing shortage of raw materials and disturbed supply chains, Hübner Giessen is offering an encoder with a particularly short manufacturing time: the MAG 200S bearingless magnetic encoder. This standardized MAG variant for shafts with a diameter of 50 to 180 mm is the perfect solution for short-term requirements.

A standard model with optimum signal quality

The MAG 200S is an incremental encoder with HTL or TTL output signals, including a marker pulse. The standard variant, which is available for fast delivery, is suitable for shaft diameters from 50 to 180 mm. With a maximum frequency of 200 kHz, a maximum pulse rate of 32,786 ppr and a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm, the MAG 200S is designed to provide optimum signal quality. The MAG 200S is also available with options such as an electronic speed switch, a second scanning head or a protective cover made of CFRP to protect the magnetic track.

MAG encoders: robust, long-living and reliable

Like all of our bearingless magnetic encoders in the MAG range, the MAG 200S is designed for heavy-duty use: It is unaffected by shocks and vibrations, dust, dirt and external magnetic fields. It is also protected against liquids in accordance with the protection codes IP67 – IP68. Thanks to their bearingless design and non-contact scanning, the MAG encoders operate without any wear. What’s more, their compact design makes them ideal for use in tight spaces.

Our sales team is happy to answer all your questions regarding our bearingless magnetic encoders and tell you more about the specific manufacturing times of the MAG 200S. Feel free to contact us at

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