Strong successors: FOC module sets for incremental signals

The next chapter in our encoder success story is now hot off the press! The second generation of our extensively tried-and-tested FOC module sets transmits HTL and TTL incremental signals extremely quickly, precisely and with no interference via fiber optic cable. With their high tempo and maximum precision, the sets are ideal for use in highly dynamic drive controls.

Rapid speed with endurance to match

The FOC module set boasts excellent performance thanks to its innovative transmission technology, for which we have now filed a patent. Extremely rapid signal transmission enables the modules to guarantee high data transmission frequencies, even over long lengths of up to 1,000 m. What’s more, they are also the ideal solution for applications that require both speed and maximum precision, for example in the case of highly dynamic drive controls.

Well-established partners up to 1 MHz

The FOC module set is comprised of the new FO-TX-1 transmitter and the new FO-DX-1 decoder. The decoder is equipped with two output blocks and can also be supplied with an optional additional electrical isolation between the two output blocks. The frequency range of the FOC modules extends to 1 MHz for the RS 422 (400 kHz for HTL/TTL). With a signal jitter of less than 15 nanoseconds, the modules are well below the industry norm and thus offer high signal quality.

Full and constant fiber optic cable control

When transmitting HTL or TTL signals, the incremental specialists only require one fiber optic cable. They are suitable for multi-mode fiber optics with diameters of 50/125 µm or 62.5/125 µm. The integrated cable break and status monitoring ensure that the performance of the fiber optic cable is always fully under control.

Do you want to learn more about the innovative FOC module set for incremental signals? You can find all you need to know on our product page about the module set FO-TX-1 and FO-DX-1.

You need more than just incremental signals? We offer also FOC transmitter FO-TX-4 and the FOC decoder FO-DX-4. This modules provide apart from incremental signals (HTL or TTL) also absolute signals (SSI). Get more information about the module set with SSI signals. 

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