Hollow shaft assembly incorporating fault exclusion

What is the use of a safety-certified encoder if the mechanical connection with the shaft of the application has not been sufficiently dimensioned to ensure reliable transmission of the encoder signals? We have been looking extremely closely at this question over the past few months.The result: Safety system solutions consisting of certified safety encoders (SIL/PL) and customized assembly including designed-in fault exclusion and individual safety calculations.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

With immediate effect Johannes Hubner Giessen offers reliable system solutions consisting of safety encoders with SIL/PL certification as well as mechanically reliable assembly incorporating fault exclusion. That in turn simplifies risk assessment and acceptance on the part of the customer. The safety requirements are calculated for each individual system solution and customized to fulfil the demands of the customer’s application. If desired, the specialists from Giessen can also carry out mechanical and instrumental measurements as well as on-site installation.

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Case study

Embossed rollers (pattern rollers) are used in Sendzimir mills (cluster mills) to produce high-quality materials for innovative stainless steel facades. In addition to sensing speeds for motor control and protection it is necessary to implement the safety function SLS (Safely Limited Speed) for the main drive and for each reel. The purpose behind this measure is to safeguard personnel in the danger zone as they carry out necessary inspection and maintenance work on machinery in the operating mode “safety limited speed max. 15 m/min”.

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Product article

The service offered by Johannes Hubner Giessen has always been distinguished by developing and installing individually assembled solutions. At the same time the European Machinery Directive has placed the focus on safety-relevant aspects.

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