Safety encoder – safely attached. We are extending our system solutions for safety applications

Experience helps you stay calm in difficult situations. It helps you to keep a clear head when things start getting hectic. And it teaches you what you need to keep an eye on in the face of challenging tasks. That is why our decades of experience comprising many thousands of applications in heavy industry makes us an expert for safe encoder attachments. And it is precisely this experience that flowed into the development of special safety intermediate flanges to extend our successful series of HKS safety couplings.

A professionally sized safe attachment is an essential part of the package of an encoder for safety applications. That is the reason why HKS safety couplings are installed; they ensure a safer connection between the encoder and the application shaft. The encoder casing is secured to the application either by means of a special foot (construction B3 / B35) or via the flange (construction B5). However, we did not stop thinking at this point; so that is the reason why we are now able to offer with immediate effect suitably designed intermediate flanges for flange attachment that can be individually adapted to the distance between the encoder/flange and the application interface. As with the couplings the flanges offer by design a high endurance rating to IEC 61800-5-2 and are engineered for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Whereas the couplings ensure a safer connection between the application shaft and the encoder shaft, the new safety intermediate flanges guarantee the safe mechanical attachment of the encoder to the machine housing. In addition, an individually sized spacer ring provides the right mechanical interface between the flange and the machine housing for each respective application. Incidentally, as an alternative to a safe solid shaft attachment Hübner Giessen also offers permanent attachment solutions for the safe attachment of hollow shaft encoders in the form of an adapter shaft and torque bracket.

Talk to us if you have any questions about our solutions for safety applications. We will gladly offer you detailed advice.

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