EGS(H) 41 with SIL certification

Our EGS(H) 41 series is certified for use in safety related applications up to SIL 2 to IEC 61508 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849; it enables you to reliably monitor a variety of operating statuses such as “safe standstill”, “reliable slip monitoring”, “safety limited speed” as well as “when carrying out maintenance work on live systems and components”.

With an integrated sensor (speed measurement), logic circuitry (speed evaluation) and actuator (speed switch) devices from our series EGS®(H) 41 function as a safety system. Safe operating statuses are monitored continuously utilizing  integrated  diagnostics functions. It is possible to log and export configuration parameters (such as switching points) as well as monitoring data (e.g., speed variations, circuit-breaker condition and so forth). In this combination, the EGS®(H) 41 series is the only range of products on the market anywhere in the world that is certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 as well as up to Performance Level (PL) d.

Find out more about this in our Product flyer EGS®(H) 41.

Rolling mills: Adhering the Machinery Directive

When operating rolling mills it is imperative to adhere to the Machinery Directive, which includes fundamental safety requirements designed to protect personnel and avoid accidents.

Find out more about this application in our Case Study “Safely-limited Speed (SLS) at roll stand”.

The right device and version for every application:

Johannes Hübner Giessen offers its electronic overspeed switch EGS®(H) in a wide range of versions and constructions: as EGS®(H) 41 with or as the EGS®(H) 40 without SIL certification, as a solid-shaft or hollow-shaft device, as a foot-mounted version and/or with a second shaft end, for different degrees of protection classes, with one or two terminal boxes, for low or high voltage supplies and switching voltages, with 2 or 4 programmable switching outputs or with an additional incremental output. Send your request to our specialists. We will be pleased to send you a quote.

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