Completely protected: Protective covers are now also available for absolute encoders

We are adding a new highlight to our safety features for encoder system solutions from Hübner Giessen: With the made-to-measure cover hood, you can now also make the most of a simple yet effective solution for preventing occupational accidents for our AS…H 60 absolute encoders.

Minimizing the risk of injury

Given that they are mounted on the free shaft end by means of an isolated adapter flange, some encoder solutions pose an accident risk for workers. Touching the rotating shaft while it is operating can result in severe injuries. A made-to-measure cover hood for the encoder is an effective protection solution. This add-on for more occupational safety is now also available for our AS…H 60 absolute encoder. The protective cover for our FGH 6 incremental encoder has already been a success in our product range for a year.

Mounting in no time at all

The protective cover hoods can be retrofitted into systems with both encoder variants in just a few steps because they can easily be screwed on. The mounted encoders do not need to be dismantled for this procedure. The new cover hood for the AS…H 60 is suitable for adapter shafts with a diameter of up to 165 mm. The protective cover for the FGH 6 incremental encoder is available in three sizes and for adapter shafts with a diameter of up to 280 mm. Individual solutions are also possible on request.

Take a look at our flyer to find out more about our protective cover hoods for FGH 6/AS…H 60 installations.

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