Your perfect encoder is just a few clicks away: with our new industry animations

The new Hübner Giessen website offers an innovative practical tool that helps you find your ideal encoder: interactive animations for the focus industries of steel works and rolling mills, mining, and port and crane technology. In just a few clicks, these animations lead you to typical encoder mounting points and show you the ideal solutions available from Hübner Giessen.

Easy access to industry expertise

As a specialist in reliable speed and position monitoring in applications involving extreme environmental conditions, steel production, mining, and port and crane technology are some of our key industries. We have spent decades acquiring comprehensive expertise on the special requirements in these areas and the corresponding successful solutions. This expertise formed a basis for the creation of our new industry animations, which aim to demonstrate the best possible Hübner Giessen solutions for all applications.

An overview and detailed information

The industry animations guide users to their precise encoder mounting point click by click: from general production or process areas to systems or machines and right through to the encoder’s operation position. Once they have reached the mounting point, users can download the information they gathered on their journey and the details of the corresponding encoders in a pdf document. Special case studies show where our solutions are already being used successfully. What’s more, the page also contains a link to the Hübner Product Finder, which provides detailed information on suitable Hübner products.

You can find the new industry animations directly on the Hübner Giessen homepage and under Applications in the menu bar. Check them out now and discover the suitable Hübner Giessen solutions for your industry, click by click.

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