Safe under high voltage: incremental encoders voltage-resistant up to 3 kV!

When using hollow shaft encoders on drive-controlled motors, there is always a risk of dangerous shaft currents that may destroy the running surface of motor and encoder bearings. Our proven FGHJ 2 series encoders now combat this risk. With their new dielectric strength of up to 3000 volts, they maximize operational safety and set new standards.

Watch out! Hollow shaft encoders in drive technology

For a drive system to function with no errors whatsoever, its components need to fit together perfectly. Particular care must be taken when choosing encoders for drive-controlled motors. After all, the shaft currents that can be caused by a pulse-controlled drive can destroy bearings in next to no time. The result: a complete system failure. To avoid damages caused by bearing currents, it is essential that hollow shaft encoders for direct mounting are sufficiently isolated.

A new development: more protection thanks to a high breakdown voltage

Our proven FGHJ 2 series has now strengthened its defense against the danger posed by bearing currents. In addition to the isolation provided by standard, durable, hybrid bearings, the upgraded FGHJ 2 hollow shaft encoders protect the drivetrain with an increased breakdown voltage and are now voltage-resistant up to 3,000 volts. This top figure, the highest in the market, is achieved by means of optimized geometry and a new sealing concept. It significantly reduces the risk of encoder or motor failures due to bearing currents and thus helps to prevent expensive plant downtimes.

Safety first: even for solid shaft mounting

Optimum protection against bearing currents is also a must in the case of solid shaft mounting. Our isolated single or double joint couplings HK(S)I and HKD(S)I offer precisely this protection. For safety applications they are tailored as safety components in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 13849-2 (PL e), have a Declaration of Conformity and provide fatigue resistance and fault exclusion.

Versatile alternative: options for FG(HJ) 2

A multitude of proven options allow our FG(HJ) 2 encoder series to be individually adapted in many different ways and make it a modern alternative for existing encoder attachments. An additional electronic overspeed switch is the ideal replacement for a mechanical overspeed switch, and a second incremental output eliminates the need for a separate output multiplier. What’s more, an integrated fiber optic cable connection allows interference-free signal transmission without an external FOC transmitter. The FGHJ 2 encoders are also extremely flexible in terms of connections, allowing users to choose between systems with a terminal strip in the terminal box, a separate cable supplied as accessory or a robust ITT-Cannon connector.

Do you want to find out more about the versatile, reliable and now even more voltage-resistant FG(HJ) 2 incremental encoder series? You can find all details and options on our product page about our incremental encoders FG(HJ) 2.

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