Incremental encoder FG(H) 41 for safety applications up to SIL 3 / PL e

We are expanding our range of incremental encoders by adding the safety certified FG(H) 41, a series of incremental encoders specially designed for safe speed measurements (SIL 2 / PL d and SIL 3 / PL e).

Equipped with integrated diagnostics functions for self-monitoring it is optionally available as a hollow shaft version (20 mm) or a solid shaft version (14 mm) for flange of foot attachments.

Incremental encoders FG(H) 41 are suitable for speed oriented (SIL 3) and position oriented (SIL 2) safety functions. They supply up to 4096 pulses, HTL, TTL or sin/cos signals. The cable is connected using an M23 connector or via a terminal strip in the radial terminal box.

Combined with our similarly safety-certified, compatible mechanical attachment devices it is possible to implement perfectly seamless system solutions. Suitable adapter shafts (flange or screw-in type adapter shafts) and torque brackets are available for hollow shaft attachments with fault exclusion. Our safety-certified couplings (HKS(I) and HKDS(I)) ensure it is possible to implement optimum solid shaft attachments as well as flange attachments utilizing appropriately designed intermediate flanges.

For reliable speed monitoring it is possible to utilize the safety output signals of the FG(H) 41 in conjunction with an overspeed monitor or a fail-safe control system to implement a variety of safety functions, such as Safely Limited Speed (SLS) or Safe Speed Monitoring (SSM).

Alternatively, it is possible to utilize the electronic overspeed switch EGS 41 and the universal encoder system U-ONE-SAFETY. Utilizing these SIL certified subsystems it is also possible to implement safety functions such as SLS or SSM without an additional fail-safe control system or overspeed monitor.

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