Two times better: U-ONE(-SAFETY) second generation

More efficiency, more power and more safety: our U-ONE(-SAFETY) universal encoder systems with integrated control functions are bringing position and speed monitoring in heavy-duty applications up to a new level. These highly efficient solutions feature a modular structure and are available as two different models.

High-performance solutions – globally tried and tested

Our first-generation U-ONE systems have already been impressing users worldwide for many years and day after day in crane systems, large mining equipment, steelworks and rolling mills. They improve performance by making optimal use of permitted speed ranges and achieving quick and precise positioning. The systems are easy to install and parametrize and also ensure high plant availability. What’s more, their electronic preset function allows them to be quickly operational again after maintenance and repair work. Even without PLC, the new generation of systems offers maximum safety with all the advantages of a tested and TÜV-certified safety system.

Two strong players

In the second generation, U-ONE(-SAFETY) is entering the race with not one, but two strong players. The LWL (FOC) system is comprised of a basic unit and function modules in the switchboard. It is ideal for applications in which signal transmission via fiber optic cable is possible and there is sufficient space available in the switchboard. In the compact system, the function modules are attached directly to the basic unit ex works. The signals are transmitted via copper cable, which is ideal for users who want to continue to use existing copper cabling. Both U-ONE(-SAFETY) variants feature a well-established modular design that easily facilitates customized system solutions.

New: all-round safety

Our second-generation U-ONE(-SAFETY) systems are the first to be fully safety certified. Their speed switch, position switch, bus interfaces and mechanical attachment all meet the requirements of SIL 2 in accordance with DIN EN 61508 and of PL d in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849. The LWL (FOC) system and the compact system are also optionally available without safety certification.

New: communication, outputs and resolution

The systems in the new U-ONE(-SAFETY) generation come with optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET communication modules that enable them to be integrated into automation networks with no problems whatsoever. They additionally feature a new 4–20 mA output, which can be parametrized for speed or position. The higher precision of the new systems results from their higher resolution, with an absolute value of 13-bit singleturn and 15-bit multiturn and an incremental value of up to 4,096 pulses per rotation.

New: just one fiber optic cable for all data

In the U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL (FOC) model, the system can also cover long distances with no problems or errors whatsoever. A fiber optic cable allows interference-free signal transmission over distances of up to 1,000 meters, even for bus interfaces. The fact that the system only requires one fiber optic cable makes FOC transmission particularly cost-effective.

Do you want to find out more about the second generation of universal encoder systems? Comprehensive details and information on combination options can be found in the new U-ONE(-SAFETY) catalog and on our product page for U-ONE(-SAFETY)-LWL (FOC) or U-ONE(-SAFETY)-Compact.

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