To the point: the new torque bracket catalog provides practical mounting tips

To ensure that encoders can deliver optimal signals under the extreme environmental conditions of the heavy-duty industry, their mechanical mounting also needs to be perfect. Our new product catalog for torque brackets is a straightforward guide that is full of important information on mounting encoders with a hollow shaft and presents our individual mounting solutions.

Better mounting for more precision

The signal quality of encoders can be negatively affected by a wide range of inaccuracies, for example the radial eccentricity and axial movements of the drive shaft and the radial eccentricity resulting from fitting tolerance. Customized, individually designed torque brackets and adapter shafts can be used to counterbalance these disturbances. Our new, completely revised product catalog provides a clear explanation of what you need to bear in mind when measuring, ordering and mounting a torque bracket to ensure perfect installation.

New features: installation tips and application examples

How is a torque bracket constructed? How do I determine the required lever length? And how exactly should a hollow shaft encoder with a torque bracket be installed? Our new catalog provides practical, detailed answers to these questions and more. Application examples show how different mounting situations may look. The catalog also presents our solutions for isolated mountings and for mounting safety-certified encoders (SIL/PL), as well as our adapter shafts for retrofitting.

Discover our torque brackets for hollow shaft encoders in our new catalog now! The Johannes Hübner Engineering Support team is also happy to take care of the measurement and installation of mounting solutions on-site on request. For more information, simply contact us directly.

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