We proudly present our Product Innovations 2019

Better performance. More reliable. Tailor-made.

Our customers’ installations and demands are constantly changing. That is why we work continually to further develop our products. In launching our Product Innovations 2019 we are again able to present further improved solutions that, even when subject to the harshest conditions, work reliably day in and day out to meet the constantly growing demands for power and performance, safety and customization.

Universal encoders: new all-in-one system including safety certification

The next generation of our universal encoder system U-ONE-SAFETY-LWL offers a further compact all-in-one system for reliable speed and position measurement and monitoring. The new models UOL(H) 40 and USL(H) 42 SIL 2 offer up to 15 switching outputs, a variety of bus interfaces as well as incremental and current outputs. As a consequence they are ideally suited to multifunctional tasks controlling and monitoring single and multiple axes systems, such as in hoists on crane systems as well as in side guides and screw downs in rolling mills.

Incremental encoders: Safety incorporated

The new incremental encoders FG(H) 41 (SIL 2 / SIL 3) provide reliable speed measurements in all areas of heavy-duty applications. The focus is on certified safety for speed oriented and position oriented safety functions. The new incremental encoders FGHJ INOX have been specifically developed for speed measurements in applications with aggressive media. Made of V4A (1.4404) stainless steel its housing guarantees the highest levels of resistance and resilience. To ensure the cabling is provided with the best-possible protection it is possible to supplement the equally new, liquid-tight stainless steel cable protection system CP-AF.

Safety couplings and tailor-made magnetic encoder systems: including Ex certification

We have also increased our portfolio for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. For example, our new safety couplings HKS Ex / HKDS Ex include the requisite ATEX and IECEx certification required for just such applications. They facilitate failsafe encoder attachments. Furthermore, as tailor-made and extremely robust solutions our bearingless magnetic encoder systems MAG Ex / MAGA Ex are suitable for speed and position measurements in potentially explosive atmospheres.

FOC transmitters and decoders: With new transmission technology

Our FO-T/FO-D is the next significantly higher-performance generation of our FOC transmitters and decoders that we are placing on the market. They ensure fast and disturbance free signal transmissions via fiber optic cables that feature new transmission technology, for which patents are pending. The new modules are able to transmit both incremental signals (HTL/TTL) and absolute signals (SSI).

Cable protection systems: another piece in the encoder system solution

Our tailor-made CP cable protection systems offer the best-possible protection for voltage supply and signal lines – even in the harshest of ambient conditions. Tailored precisely to meet customer demands the harmonized system consists of a protective hose that fulfils application requirements and a matching cable gland. They are available for applications exposed to aggressive fluids and high mechanical loads as well as for applications in medium and high temperature ranges.

For further information about our new product innovations please refer to our product innovation catalog.


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