A brand-new video: The U-ONE universal encoder system – what are the benefits of the second generation?

The second generation of our well-established U-ONE universal encoder system has now been launched. So what are the added benefits of the second generation compared to the first? Our new product video provides a quick and clear answer to this question.

At a glance: shared features and differences

The U-ONE I and U-ONE II are both encoder system solutions for heavy-duty use. They have a modular structure and are ideal for combined speed and position monitoring. The second U-ONE generation additionally offers a number of impressive new features. These include the choice between two system designs, an optional safety certificate, a new PROFINET interface, a new current output and a higher resolution. What’s more, the FOC version only requires one fiber optic cable for all data.

For detailed information on how our second-generation U-ONE system successfully achieves better performance and higher availability, take a look at our new product video about U-ONE(-SAFETY) Generation II.

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