Kick-off for the next generation of FOC module sets!

When it comes to the high-speed, high-precision and completely interference-free transmission of encoder signals, our new fiber optic cable modules are the ultimate hotshots. In this top team, the new FO-TX-4 FOC transmitter and the new FO-DX-4 FOC decoder are our reliable specialists for particularly dynamic drive controls.

Speedy sprinters whatever the distance

Our innovative transmission method sets new standards in terms of speed and precision. It’s so impressive that we’ve even applied for a patent. With their high-speed signal transmission, the FOC modules not only guarantee high data transmission frequencies over sprint distances but can also master long-distance races, with transmission lengths of up to 1000 m. What’s more, they are also the experts for highly dynamic drive controls in which speed and precision are both top priorities.

Champions in two disciplines

The module set consists of a transmitter and decoder and is the ideal choice for both incremental signals (HTL or TTL) and absolute signals (SSI). For incremental signals, they cover a frequency range of up to 400 kHz (1 MHz for RS 422) with signal jitter of less than 15 nanoseconds, much less than the industry norm. In the case of absolute values (SSI), their clock frequency reaches up to 3.67 MHz with a resolution of max. 30 bit.

A one-stop solution

Our new FOC modules only need one fiber optic cable to transmit both signal types. They are suitable for multi-mode fiber optics with diameters of 50/125 µm or 62.5/125 µm. The modules also feature integrated cable break and status monitoring so that you can keep a close eye on their performance at all times. The terminals provide electrical status messages and the LEDs display optical status signals.

Teamwork for robust applications

Our new FOC modules prove themselves as excellent teamplayers whenever high SSI transmitter clock frequencies are needed to achieve a reliable and robust drive control – for instance with motor commutation in mining or steel industry applications. In combination with our SSI absolute encoders ASS(H) 40 and ASSH 60 with additional incremental output our FOC modules make sure that with these applications signals are transmitted quickly and without failure over a distance up to 1000 m and even with clock frequencies > 2 MHz.

Want to know more about the innovative 2-in-1 FOC module set? Check out our product page of our FOC module set!

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