Incremental encoders for standard drives

Due to the level of standardization the FG 2 series of incremental encoders offers an extremely favorable price-performance ratio that encompasses the huge amount of experience we have gained over several decades of installing encoders in heavy industrial applications.

New device versions featuring multiple functions

To supplement the standard encoder with an incremental output further device versions are available with immediate effect:

  • Option S – additional electronic overspeed switch: ideal as an alternative solution to mechanical overspeed switches
  • Option AKK – second incremental output, eliminates the necessity for a separate output multiplier
  • Option LWL – integrated fiber optic cable connector: interference-proof signal transmission without an external FOC transmitter

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Case Study

Until recently an incremental encoder with a mechanical overspeed switch attached was installed to measure speeds and monitor for overspeed at the hoisting gear of a rail mounted gantry crane (RMG crane). The customer wishes an economic replacement solution that corresponds to current state of the art technology.

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