The safety experts: Our AM…(H) 41 absolute encoders are certified up to SIL 3 / PL e

It goes without saying that encoders for heavy-duty applications need to be robust, durable and precise. Some areas of application additionally require them to offer a particularly high degree of functional security. Hübner Giessen meets these requirements by offering special AM…(H) 41 multiturn absolute encoders with safety certification.

Optimized for functional safety

Our AM…(H) 41 series is designed for heavy-duty industry applications in which position-dependent safety function requirements up to SIL 3 / PL e must be fulfilled. These include systems such as traversing gears and hoists of container or coil handling cranes, bulk material handling systems, liquid steel transport systems and large machinery in open-cast mining applications. The multiturn absolute encoders provide highly precise information on the shaft position and the number of revolutions and therefore support the safe positioning of the systems. With their PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface with a PROFIsafe protocol and safety certification in accordance with SIL 3 / PL 3, the absolute encoders can be integrated into the safety functions quickly and easily.

Safe operation and a long lifetime

All in all, the particularly robust design of the AM…(H) 41 series makes it perfect for safe use in heavy-duty applications. The design features elements such as modern electronics in particularly thick-walled housing, an encapsulated interior and high speeds of up to max. 6000 rpm (solid shaft) or 4000 rpm (hollow shaft). With their high shock and vibration resistance, large ball bearings with a high dynamic load rating, and high degree of IP protection up to IP66, the absolute encoders have a long lifetime, even under challenging environmental conditions.

Easy adaptation and installation

The AM…(H) 41 absolute encoders can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of the intended area of application. They offer flange or foot mounting on solid shafts measuring up to 14 mm in diameter and on hollow shafts with a diameter of up to 20 mm. Their signal resolution extends to up to 13 bit singleturn and up to 15 bit multiturn, and an output for incremental signals can be added where needed. What’s more, we ensure professional installation of the encoders in systems with our corresponding accessories and assembly service.

Find out more about our multiturn absolute encoders with safety certification here: view the AM…(H) 41 series.

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