Hübner Giessen Website Highlights: Safe Encoder Mounting Solutions

When it comes to integrating a new encoder into a system, the mounting situation is often one of the trickiest problems. At Hübner Giessen, we offer tailor-made solutions for every mounting location – however complex it may be. On our new website, we provide you with a quick and concise introduction to the most important mounting options available.

Gain an overview

Our product range features encoders of different sizes and for every mechanical interface. You can find succinct explanations of the four basic mounting options on the Hübner Giessen website under Service & Support/Mounting Solutions: hollow shaft mounting, solid shaft mounting with flange, solid shaft mounting with foot and mounting without free shaft end. A diagram shows the different mounting solutions at a glance, and you can also download a flyer containing further information.

Accessories and advice for special cases

In many cases, it is not possible to directly mount the encoder. This is where our comprehensive range of accessories comes into play, enabling us to professionally mount encoders in every situation – and in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards. If a system involves an extremely unique mounting situation, our engineering support team also provides our customers with on-site support. Our specialists handle the measurements and assembly and thus ensure that the new encoder solution works reliably and without interference, even under extreme ambient conditions.

Contacting Hübner Giessen

Do you have any questions about Hübner Giessen’s mounting solutions or are you interested in our on-site measurement and assembly service? Feel free to contact our sales team! You can find the contact for your region at the bottom of each page of our website or by clicking on the contact icon in the menu bar. We look forward to tackling your challenge!

You can find our mounting solutions here.

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