The ERC 40. Keeps it simple.

Just imagine you had to set up your phone again after every update. Or you had to adjust the gearbox every time the oil is changed in your car. And wouldn’t it be really annoying if you had no Internet for a whole day just because you decided to change your WLAN password? Wouldn’t you think that’s irritating? Well, so would we. That is why we thought about how we could also simplify processes in the heavy-duty sector.

The result of our deliberations is the ERC 40, an intelligent electronic position switch that replaces mechanical position switches, significantly reduces tiresome setup tasks as well as maintenance and standstill costs. As a consequence, long drawn-out processes of turning cam disks after setting up switching points and the additional costs resulting from setting tasks and production outages are now a thing of the past.

The ERC 40 not only reduces maintenance and standstill costs it also offers compelling features such as low inspection costs, simple installation, high economic efficiency, low overall operational costs as well as a long service life even under extreme operating conditions. Contact us to learn how you can lighten your workload.

More detailed information is available in our ERC 40 catalog.

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