New: MAGA Ex – the magnetic absolute encoder with explosion protection

Our magnetic absolute encoders are now even more shockproof. In the new MAGA Ex version with Ex protection according to ATEX standards, the extremely robust, contactless absolute encoders are now also suitable for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

System availability, even in case of explosion hazards

The MAGA bearingless magnetic absolute encoders are proven solutions for particularly challenging environmental conditions and external influences such as shock and vibration. The MAGA Ex absolute encoders with Ex protection in compliance with the ATEX directives (Gas, Zone 2: Ex II 3G Ex nC IIC T4 Gc) can be used safely under tough environmental conditions with a risk of explosion, where they secure system availability. Typical areas of application for the MAGA Ex include oil and gas production facilities, offshore platforms, pipeline compressor stations and petrochemical plants.

A robust design and precise signals

Every single element of the MAGA Ex magnetic absolute encoders is designed to cope with the particularly heavy loads involved in the heavy-duty industry. Heavy-duty housing covers the fully encapsulated, robust electronics and protects them against all external influences. A protection cover made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) provides additional protection against environmental influences. The seawater-resistant design (IP67) of the scanning head allows the encoders to be used in offshore applications. Thanks to their bearingless design and contactless scanning, the MAGA Ex models are long-living and operate without wear. The magnetic absolute encoders additionally use special multiple scanning to determine extremely precise signals in all conditions.

Flexible and tailor-made

The MAGA Ex absolute encoders feature a tailor-made design for each application, which is adapted to fit the customer interface in question. The units provide position values in SSI format with a resolution of up to 16 bits (singleturn). They are suitable for mounting situations with a free shaft end, for shaft diameters up to 380 mm and for high speeds of up to 4,000 rpm. The explosion-protected MAGA EX absolute encoders are available now.

Find out more: product catalog with MAGA Ex

You can also find all the technical details of the bearingless magnetic absolute encoders with Ex protection and information on possible applications in our MAG(A) Product Catalog. Download the MAG(A) Catalog and find out all you need to know about the new MAGA Ex.

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