Experience offers peace of mind. Attaching encoders is about what you know.

When push comes to shove – who do you trust the most? The person with experience or the beginner? The expert or the all-rounder? The experienced mountain guide or the novice?

We would choose experience. And it is this experience that we are able to offer you with regard to reliably assembled solid shaft and hollow shaft encoders with special attachment components such as couplingsadapter shafts and torque brackets. The reason is: we have gained our know-how over decades implementing thousands of different applications – know-how that means you can trust us to deliver what you need.

That and more is guaranteed by Hübner specialists working for our worldwide upgrade and installation service to ensure your encoder is properly attached. For you that not only means fault-free signal quality and a long service life for your encoder, it also prevents unplanned plant downtimes resulting from a failure of the encoder attachment solution. Furthermore, for applications needing to satisfy requirements with regard to functional safety (SIL, PL) Hübner Giessen has developed attachment solutions with safety guarantee for its solid shaft and hollow shaft encoders; the mechanical components are designed to meet fatigue strength requirements specified in IEC 61800-5-2. And because we also have an abundance of experience when it comes to service the attachment components are designed to meet individual and customer-specific requirements. If desired, we are also able to offer our complete service including measuring the on-site situation and “turnkey” installation. In other words: Lean back and enjoy the experience. And talk to us.

For more information see our flyers on hollow-shaft assembly and our safety couplings.

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