Hübner Giessen is strengthening its line-up with young talent

Four new arrivals introduce themselves.

Buying a player to strengthen your own team is good. Integrating a player from your own pool of talent is even better. That is pretty well how we at Hübner Giessen see things. So we are particularly pleased to be able to welcome three new apprentices and a student of the dual study/apprentice program StudiumPlus to our team.

As of 01.08.2017 our line-up has been strengthened by the apprentices Jan-Niclas Pausch (milling machine operator), Maximilian Ceglarek (electronics engineer for devices and systems), Marvin Limbacher (industrial manager) and the dual StudiumPlus student Jan Jurzitza (study course: software technology). As is only right and proper for a professional team, the four new arrivals were welcomed on their first day by the management and their instructors. A new induction afternoon was introduced for the first time this year, during which the families of the apprentices were also able to put questions to the management and instructors, gain an insight into the Hübner Giessen environment as well as become acquainted with us as an employer.

While we are on the subject of becoming acquainted. At this juncture, we would like to introduce our new arrivals a bit better:

Jan Jurzitza took the opportunity last year to get a feel for the atmosphere at Hübner Giessen as a school student on work experience. He was so pleased with his experience that he continued working for us as a student trainee in addition to school. After completing his vocational baccalaureate diploma in 2017 he has accepted our offer to nurture his interest in IT at Hübner Giessen and realize his potential through a dual study program focusing on software technology.

Marvin Limbacher also worked for us as a student trainee. At that time, the passionate footballer had already completed two semesters of business studies; however, he decided that it was too theoretical for his liking. As an apprentice industrial manager he can now contribute his wide range of talents to the daily routine of working life.

Maximilian Ceglarek has already gained his first experience of working life as a student trainee in an industrial company. The amateur sportsman then became aware of us via our homepage and successfully applied for an apprenticeship. He knows our company location quite well, having visited the local August-Hermann-Francke school nearby.

After completing his high school diploma Jan-Niclas Pausch sought an apprenticeship that would teach him practical skills in a down-to-earth trade. He discovered what he was looking for in his training to become a milling machine operator at Hübner Giessen. In doing so he is continuing a family tradition, because his grandfather was also a milling machine operator.

We are pleased with the young talent strengthening our team and again wish to extend a heartfelt welcome to Hübner in Gießen.

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