Incremental encoders for standard motors

Due to the level of standardisation this new series – consisting of FG 2 (solid shaft) and FGHJ 2 (hollow shaft) – offers an extremely favourable price-performance ratio. At the same time it encompasses the huge amount of experience we have gained over several decades of installing encoders in heavy industry applications.

As the specialist for customized encoder solutions in heavy industry Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH now offers an incremental encoder for standard motors, auxiliary drives and secondary drives in the form of its FG 2. The FG 2 not only combines the customary benefits of Huebner devices such as a long service life and high levels of reliability, it also meets the technical requirements of machines operating in normal environments. Read more in our Product Article FG(HJ) 2.

The catalog offers customers and interested readers basic information at a glance about the FG 2 series for standard motors. Inform yourself in our FG(HJ) 2 catalog.

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