Fantastic atmosphere, everybody happy and a complete success.

We at Hübner are of course used to delivering the best results under adverse environmental conditions. So that is why a small thunderstorm could not hold us back from celebrating a perfect Summer Festival in high spirits.

That is why nearly all employees recently made their way from our company grounds to the nearby Dutenhofener lake. In great surroundings, walking in the sand, it was possible to enjoy feeling you have at the beach, to relax and drink to our common success over cocktails and cool drinks. And it was not only the colleagues from Gießen who were able to enjoy themselves. The guests also included our partners from Egypt, England, Argentina and Korea, who took the opportunity to get to know Hübner Giessen and the people behind the name. And the relaxed atmosphere offered a lot of opportunities to do just that. For example, while eating delicious food, taking a trip around the lake in a pedal boat and on the dance floor later on in the evening. In summary: despite the rain at the beginning, the mood in the team could not have been better. The proof was the satisfied look on everybody’s faces at the end of the evening as well as the positive feedback. We are determined to continue the “event series Summer Festival” and are already looking forward to next year.

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