Strong performance: our new industry flyers for crane technology and mining!

When it comes to the ideal conditions for our heavy duty solutions, the more extreme, the better! This is why our encoder systems, speed and position switches, as well as our motors and generators, are all used in an extremely wide variety of regions and applications all over the globe. In our new industry flyers, we show you two typical areas of application and our corresponding solutions.

Mining: original spare parts for large excavators

Electric rope shovels are absolute workhorses in the world of mining and often used for decades on end. Johannes Hübner Giessen is the original equipment manufacturer for the encoder and tacho systems of the (7)295, (7)395 and (7)495 series by Caterpillar/Bucyrus. We are therefore your exclusive supplier for the made-to-measure and extremely robust original spare parts for these CAT/BE electric rope shovels. What’s more, we also offer tailor-made heavy duty encoder systems for an extremely wide variety of mining applications such as conveyor systems and crushers. Take a look at our website to find out more about our mining applications.

Crane technology: individual solutions for overhead cranes

Our specialties include customer-specific encoder systems and modernization projects for overhead cranes. We therefore offer robust solutions for speed monitoring, overspeed protection and position control, as well as special mounting solutions for electric overhead cranes. These solutions all ensure that crane systems used in the steel industry or in the handling of containers or bulk material always function precisely, safely and reliably.

Further industry flyers: keep up to date with the latest developments

In the future, we will produce more industry flyers to show you selected fields of application for our robust solutions. Keep up to date at all times by subscribing to our newsletter or take a look at our application examples right now.

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